Our priority is to design the best facilities and buildings for living, working and leisure. We develop projects from the conceptual designs up until the final details, based on client’s requirements and referring to the criteria and conditions for construction, with the sole purpose to protect the continuity of the conceptual design and to build with high quality. Good projecting based in perception within location is the key to adequate and qualitative design.

In this area of our activities, our professional team consisting of experienced architects, structural engineers, civil engineers and detail designers plan aboveground structures that are equipped with a high technical standard. Such projects are overseen entirely by us throughout all phases. Alongside Kosovan projects for healthcare, educational, sports, administrative, hotelier structures, industrial buildings we are increasingly directing our attention to the sectors of wastewater treatment plants, district heating and renewable energies. Project Plus has also developed project in Balkan Region.

Project Plus has developed and successfully completed projects of major importance such as the facilities of the University Clinical Centre of Kosovo with a surface of 400,000 m2.

University Clinical Centre of Kosovo is composed 37 clinics, institutes and services that offer various medical services depending on their specifics.