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Project Plus was established in the year 2004 by a team of experts of mechanical engineering and for a period of more than a decade has completed more than 400 projects of various expertise in the field of civil engineering and consultancy.

In the process of developing many construction projects, design and implementation of turnkey projects, we have gained a deep understanding on how to optimize and maximize efficiency while minimizing its effects on the environment.

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Our primary mission is to make our projects more sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the community. Also, we try to design facilities that will provide living conditions, jobs and various activities, be appropriate and economical, and fit the surrounding environment.

Project Plus is a design studio specializing in design, construction and surveillance. The activity as a design studio started in 2004, and for over a decade has realized many projects with different characters in the field of construction and design. As a company, we strive to adapt our projects to the latest developments in the field of architecture and materials of the time, always based on customer requirements, which are key to success. We offer ideas and tips on how it may look like where you live, work, or rest. Our goal is to deliver our projects qualitatively, be functional, have aesthetics and convenience. We provide services on various types of construction and design. With qualified staff and professionalism in offering services in the design of individual and collective housing facilities, administrative facilities, sewage treatment facilities, road and public infrastructure shedding, sewerage, water supply and drainage channels, catering facilities etc. We offer you quality, accuracy and accountability for our projects. Every request of yours is a duty to us, and every duty for us is an obligation.

Our vision for the future is that architectural and construction projects are as economical and ecologically as possible. In an environment dominated by the principle of greening where people's social welfare is paramount and where objects coincide with the environment and the developments of the time, they are undoubtedly a source of welfare and social and social living.